Dec 17, 2013

[Pathfinder] Judeo-Christianity in Pathfinder

I was going through older files I'd put together years ago for a home game, and came across my Religion document. I was going to have quite a few real-world religions, represented in a fictionalized context in a sort of "multiversal collision."

Anyway, among the religions was an interpretation of the Judeo-Christian church. I had been inspired by this thread on the Paizo boards as well as a series of discussions on the HârnForum on adding early Christianity to fantasy games. I never ended up running the campaign, which is just as well. I'm more interested in theological navel-gazing than anyone else I play with, and the extra effort to make something plausible would have been wasted. In fact, it is wasted just sitting on my hard drive, so here you go.