Apr 30, 2013

One Page Dungeon 2013: The Blackacre Heist

This year, I originally started with something different, a modular starport sheet with associated Visio file, so you can make starports in minutes. In my sci-fi home game, this is something I need that I've always intended to make; I thought the One Page Dungeon Contest would spur me to finish the idea.

Unfortunately, I didn't really have an adventure in there - it's basically more of a GM tool. And the contest is for a "Dungeon," so...

Apr 24, 2013

D&D Next Character Pre-Gens

I like to have a lot of pre-gens for the D&D Next (040213 Playtest Packet) tables I run at the local hobby shop, because sometimes everybody at the table wants to play a martial character (and that should be allowed so that we can see whether or not it works in playtest) but there's only a couple in the packet. So, I went through and made as many unique pre-gens as I could earlier in the week. Sorry if they look rushed.