Apr 30, 2013

One Page Dungeon 2013: The Blackacre Heist

This year, I originally started with something different, a modular starport sheet with associated Visio file, so you can make starports in minutes. In my sci-fi home game, this is something I need that I've always intended to make; I thought the One Page Dungeon Contest would spur me to finish the idea.

Unfortunately, I didn't really have an adventure in there - it's basically more of a GM tool. And the contest is for a "Dungeon," so...

At the beginning of April, I cast about for another idea, and hit on a simple heist scenario with variation. I've always been a big fan of the old Traveller supplement 76 Patrons, which has 76 patron encounters, each with 6 variations afterward so that the GM can mix it up depending on his needs.

So, I present my submission, The Blackacre Heist. For my own amusement, most of the names are placeholder names from various countries. Blackacre itself is a placeholder name used in legal texts.


  1. I thought this was very well done. If only I could get my group to play Traveler, and not just D&D.

  2. I tried to make it something useful for modern games as well as sci-fi, and I think it works. Hopefully you get a chance to use it at some point. When you do, please come back and post results!

  3. Where do I get a PDF of this?

    1. You can download all of the old One Page Dungeon submissions from their website: http://www.onepagedungeon.info/

      This particular one can be downloaded by clicking on the image.