One Page Dungeon Contest 2015 - The Vault of the Pole

So this year, I had several really good ideas for my One Page Dungeon Contest submission. Sadly, my imagination was captured by the material in the thread "Ten Foot Poles: How Do They Work?" on, and especially the idea of the Most Ancient and Worshipful Order of Roodsmen and Pole-Tenders that we developed there. As I was driving one of my DMs home last week, I suddenly had the idea for my submission -- the Vault of the Pole, the testing ground for apprentices of the Guild who seek to become journeymen. I pictured apprentice pole-tenders (called "tenders") frantically trying to overcome the obstacle course in a series of dungeon rooms while a deep sonorous bell tolls every minute or so. And so, that's what I went with.

So, over the last week, I drew the dungeon rooms, paying attention to perspective and scale; I am not a good artist, but I thought with some work I could come up with something serviceable. I intended to bring it in to work to scan it by the contest deadline of April 30.

And then, this morning, I left it at home.

So, I frantically recreated it (with even less style than before, as if that was possible) in the hour before my coworkers arrive at the office. Hey, at least it's done.

The Vault of the Pole, by Roland Volz

So, there you go. I'll have more on the Ten-Foot Guild, and uses for a 10' pole in 5E D&D, in an upcoming post.


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