May 13, 2015

Inkwell Ideas' Geomorph Contest #3 - Dwarven Shrine

This time around Inkwell Ideas' Geomorph Contest has the theme of "a shrine."

I decided to do a dwarven shrine. I really liked Brutus Motor's geomorph #004, which was supposed to be a large open room with distinctive dwarven style. I also have my dwarves carve their passages and rooms large and and with technologically-advanced architecture -- fan vaults, parabolic arches, and the like -- showing how advanced they are in stonework.

I thought about how to apply this to a dwarven shrine. I also have my dwarves paranoid and suspicious of non-dwarves. As a result, the open part of the shrine just scratches the surface of this area.

I put a raised dais in the shrine proper, with two statues in niches (most likely, a couple of dwarven gods, although this could also be a pair of ancestors.) I put statues in the two corner rooms, which could be animated guardians or decorative flourishes depicting ancient dwarvish history through stonework. I put a lamp in each of the hallway-rooms, and several in the shrine itself; in my games, important dwarvish areas are lit with petroleum, piped in to specialized lamps -- thus they are everburning so long as the bounty of the earth holds out. There is a secret closet in the northwest quadrant (perhaps storage, maybe for guardians), a secret stair in the south west quadrant (my thought was that this leads to a hidden outlet on the surface), and two secret entrances in niches in the shrine proper, which lead to a cave, mine, or other unworked tunnels.

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