Apr 25, 2012

One Page Dungeon 2012 - The Lanisha Crisis

So, this year I've decided to go sci-fi. It's not just that my home campaign is sci-fi and several others I'm involved in are sci-fi; it's that I think there's a distinct fantasy bias to the entries that limits the usefulness of the one page dungeons. Since the easiest way to diversify is to start with my own entry, that's what I'm going to do.

Here's the link to this year's submission, the Lanisha Crisis, which was something of a formatting experiment for me. It turned out to be easier than I had feared -- I thought I was biting off way more than I could chew, but it turned out quite nicely. I just have to proofread it and do a reality check and I'll send it away. EDIT: I've tried to improve the submission based on feedback from some friends of mine. Namely, I tried to give more info regarding the disposition of bad guys. New version uploaded 04/30 at 1:39 PM EDT.

Here's a link to the deckplans of the Lanisha, for GMs who want to have more detail at their fingertips. I built them in Microsoft Visio 2007, using stencils that are probably almost ten years old; I got them on the Citizens of the Imperium forum many years ago. EDIT: I found the webpage with the stencils; the date on it is 2001, so I was spot on!

The Lanisha - deck plan

I think next year I'll continue in the Wilderlands of Dire Omen. It was too much fun devising exotic-sounding locations, and I have all these maps and notes toward a series of one-page dungeons that make use of the setting. It would be a shame to waste that effort.

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  1. Looks pretty cool -- could be a player handout. Good luck in the contest!

    1. I plan to release the individual parts of it as player handouts/GM resources, I just haven't gotten around to it.