Apr 24, 2012

One Page Dungeon 2012

Well, this year's One Page Dungeon Contest snuck up on me again. I'd checked back in March, but I guess I was too early. Now I have only six days to get mine done. I had a number of ideas last year that I put down some preliminary notes for, but of course my current submission follows none of those ideas. I've decided to do a sci-fi themed encounter, mostly because none of the ones I've looked at in the current year's crop are sci-fi and I think that will make it stand out more.

Of course, the whole point of last year's Wilderlands of Dire Omen submission was to have a framework in which to put other one page dungeons. I've not abandoned that concept, but I will push my current fantasy-themed effort to the back burner and try to finish it up for next year.


  1. Reaching out to people is an unsolved problem. Perhaps I could maintain a list of people interested in a reminder for the next OPDC?

    1. That was more a comment on my inability to remember things than any shortcoming of the OPDC organization. I knew it was coming this year and even around what month, but still let it surprise me.