Apr 30, 2012

The Lanisha Crisis Supplementary Materials 1

Much like last year, I ended up with some additional materials after I was through with my submission. In this case, I made up a business card and the label to a Rescue Ball* package. I figured I'd post both the .docx files and the images so that GMs can use them with the adventure, or edit them with details specific to their campaigns.

I plan to also make a more "traditionally Classic Traveller" deckplan for the Lanisha, but that will have to come later.


  1. Just went and downloaded a copy of this on CotI for my mobile device and it is still one of the most awesome adventures yet. I want to see more like it!

    1. I'm fielding suggestions for this year. If you've got one, fire away!

  2. I second Craig's comment. This is just sooooo classy!